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Go Ahead and Enjoy Creative Cajun Cooking Without the Guilt

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Who says food can’t taste delicious and be healthy for you? Well, in what might be a pleasant surprise for many, Cajun food is not only superbly delicious, it also holds several health benefits. In other words, your body thanks you every time you use our Magic Swamp Dust or indulge in our extensive catering menu. So go ahead and enjoy Creative Cajun Cooking without the guilt. Here is why.

What Cajun meal would be complete unless onions were in the list of ingredients? Well, you will be happy to discover that onions do more than flavor food, make your eyes water and give you smelly breath. In fact, onions have been proven to fight certain conditions including heart disease and some forms of cancer. In addition, onions sport antibacterial and antiviral properties that help you fight off colds and infections.

You love peppers. Peppers are quite common in Cajun dishes, whether they are red, green or some other color. Regardless the color, peppers are rich in vitamins A, C and K. But the star of healthy peppers is the cayenne pepper, in which you will find a high concentration of vitamins and minerals in addition to its wonderful flavor. Just check out the benefits of this super spice.

Some Cajun dishes are so chock full of vitamins and minerals that by eating them, you can skip out on your daily multi-vitamin. Better still, that Cajun dish is filling and tastes wonderful, unlike your daily multi-vitamin. So go ahead and eat guilt free.