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You Did Your Research and Discovered the Best Cajun Mixes in Texas

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If are planning a party or just a get together with friends or family, a great crawfish boil will ensure the event is a splendid success. Just the aroma of your crawfish boil is enough to entice all partygoers to eat. In fact, you might just find yourself staving off neighbors from your backyard as they all try to crash your crawfish boil. You did your research and discovered the best cajun mixes in Texas and ordered our select seafood boil for the occasion. Mighty fine choice there we must admit. However, when it comes to ordering the crawfish, looks as though you could use a little help. Here are a few pointers to follow when you host your crawfish boil.

One of the biggest questions people ask when hosting a crawfish boil is how many crawfish to order.

A fairly accurate guideline is to order about three pounds of crawfish per guest. It really is simple math, 30 pounds of crawfish would be ideal for ten people. Now, there will be big eaters in your group of partygoers no doubt, but usually this is balanced out by those who won’t eat their allotted three pounds. However, if you are hosting a gathering for, say, a football team, then you should definitely up that weight total to five or even six pounds of crawfish per person.

But if you wind up ordering too much crawfish, this will not be a problem. Just store your crawfish on ice or place them in the refrigerator to keep them fresh. The crawfish will taste just as amazing the next day as a cold dish.

So good luck and have fun with your crawfish boil.