Roast & Gravy Magic

Creative Cajun Cooking
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Roast & Gravy Magic

Seasoning & Gravy Mix

Learn how to make authentic Cajun food with our helpful mixes and recipes!

From the makers of MAGIC SWAMP DUST Cajun Seasoning

Creative Cajun Cooking, Inc.




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    Tips for Gravy Magic

    Posted by Joey Niquiporo on 15th Aug 2019

    Flavor is great! Wife cooked it yesterday with a gravy in the crockpot. She was raving about it until after she added the thickening packet. She tells me she mixed it per the instructions, so here is my advise. Consider your dish! If you are making a roast beef sandwich or something where you need the gravy to be thick so it doesn't run through the bread or thick enough to stay in mashed potatoes without running all over the plate, add the packet slowly until the desired consistency. If you want your gravy runny, skip the packet. The flavor was great with a little bite. I added water to her crockpot and thinned it down and it was just fine. Like anything you cook, just pay attention and don't blindly follow the instructions.

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    This Gravy mix is Delicious !

    Posted by Jimmy Stewart on 19th Feb 2018

    This is some good stuff I promise you. It has flavor that has some spunk to it, very tasty. It's easy to make.

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    Posted by Robert on 6th Feb 2018

    Very good taste, but found it a little on the thick side. Will buy again.